Bakery Logos

Your bakery delivers scrumptious sweets and smiles all day long. Your savory baked goods can brighten a customer's day. After all, it is hard to frown when eating a cookie! Once customers try your product, they will be hooked. But before you can build up loyal followers, you need to raise awareness of your bakery. People cannot sample your sweets if they do not know your company exists. A well-designed logo can be a great marketing tool to entice potential customers to visit your bakery or your website. Our designers have made several logos for bakeries across the country. See what they came up with below.

Recent Bakery logo designs

Use Font to Reflect Your Bakery's Atmosphere

The font in a logo is a great tool for branding your business. A cursive font suggests a classy and refined atmosphere where people make delightful conversation over delectable sweets. A simple block font represents a company that is more professional, such as the bakery you would hire to bring in desserts at the end of the quarter business meeting. An off-beat font shows the personality of a quirky bakery that is unlike anything you have experienced before. Be intentional about your font choice, using it to represent the atmosphere and brand of your bakery.

Keep the Logo Simple

Your pastries are intricate works of art, from the icing flowers on a cake to the perfectly positioned sprinkles on a cupcake. Let your product speak for itself. A good bakery logo design gains its beauty from a simplistic elegance. By no means should your logo be boring of course! But you do not need a logo with many symbols or colors. Stick with two or three main colors, an easy to read font, and one or two small icons. A simple logo can capture the attention of a potential customer before letting their eyes wander to your mouth watering products. The logo should complement your gorgeous baked goods, not be in visual competition with them.

By Madison