Beauty Logos

Looking for a great beauty logo? People use beauty products and services to reflect their personality and style. Potential customers will take one glance at your logo to decide whether you fit the style they are seeking. Image is everything in the world of beauty, and this applies just as well to your company logo. Our designers have created hundreds of beauty logos for several types of companies, from beauty boutiques to hair salons. The logos help brand the beauty company, capturing the eye of potential customers and drawing them in to learn more about the company. A well-designed beauty logo can make or break your business.

Recent Beauty logo designs

Use Gold to Evoke Feelings of Luxury

If your beauty service is higher end, you will want to use visual elements to establish this. The color gold is one of the most iconic indicators of richness, luxury, and quality. People instantly associate gold with these elements, making it a great color to incorporate into your design. You can use gold as the color of your font to tightly link your company name to luxury. You can also use gold in your company image in other elements of the design to weave the theme of luxury into it. Gold contrasts very well with black, so setting the design against a black backdrop or incorporating black symbols can help the gold pop.

Use Symbols to Show Your Specialty

If your beauty company specializes in a given niche, such as professional makeup application, it can be helpful to establish this in your design. That way you are not attracting customers who would not be interested in your services. While you can use a tagline stating your specialty, this approach can make the design feel too text heavy and cluttered. Using a symbol allows you to convey the same meaning while protecting the valuable white space of your design. You can use a barber pole for a barber shop, fluttering eyelashes for an eyelash extension company, or the silhouettes of women with flowing hair for a salon. These symbols help establish your given niche while still making the design visually striking.

By Madison