Beer Logos

Craft beer breweries rely on logos for their branding. The logo will be fixed on nearly everything, from the sign of the brewery to the label of the beer. These logos need to be enticing enough to catch the eye of a potential customer while being simple enough to be easily shown on a beer bottle's side. Creating a logo that looks great on a variety of mediums, from beer cans to t-shirts, can be a challenge. Our designers have made several beer logos for craft beer breweries that expertly brand the business. See how they design stunning images below.

Recent Beer logo designs

Appeal to Earthy Elements

A good beer is made of the finest ingredients, grown local and fresh. You want to showcase your brewing company's commitment to using quality ingredients. One way to visually represent this is to tie in symbols of nature since the best ingredients come from nature. You can use earthy colors like brown, green, and blue. You can integrate symbols, such as mountains, grains, or wildlife into your design. Placing these images near or on your company name helps further tie your company to nature.

Use a Circle Layout

Many logos used by brewing companies rely on the circle design, placing all or nearly all of the logo within a circle. There are a few reasons to take this route. First is it makes it easy to create labels for your products. A circle design is able to be placed on the side of a bottle or a hat easily, without part of it being off on the sides and hard to read. Second is it adds balance to your design. You can instantly create a significant amount of white space by placing all or nearly all of the design within the circle, leaving the area outside the circle open. It allows the design to not feel cramped and balanced out by the space outside the circle's edges. You can also easily center or align the elements of the design.

By Madison