Cannabis Logos

The Cannabis industry is ever growing, and so is the need for Cannabis companies to brand themselves with a business logo. A good Cannabis logo instantly identifies your industry to the viewer while setting your company apart from the competition. A logo can help showcase your expertise in the industry, as well as the unique store atmosphere you work to cultivate. Our designers have created several Cannabis logos to help brand different companies. A good logo can really impact your business' ability to attract and convert new customers.

Recent Cannabis logo designs

Visually Identify Your Industry

Good marketing attracts customers who are interested in buying your product. There is no point in appealing to people who will never want to visit your store or buy your merchandise. Establish clearly what you sell. You can do this by including the word Cannabis or Weed boldly, either through a thick block font or an eye-catching color. Or you can use a visual representation of the Cannabis leaf. This symbol is easily recognizable, so people can take one look at your logo to figure out whether they are interested in your company. You can place this logo close to your company name to subtly suggest the relationship between your company and your product.

Appeal to Professionalism

Cannabis companies, more so than other industries, need to work hard to cultivate a perception of professionalism. All it takes is one news story of a shady shop for people to quickly make assumptions about all businesses in the Cannabis industry. Focusing on a brand of professionalism can help fight the typically harsh view many people take of Cannabis sellers. And just like in any other industry, creating a professional feel helps improve credibility and improve branding. You can use power colors like black, blue, and red to help appeal to professionalism. Formal fonts, such as thick black serif ones, are a good option. Keeping the logo crisp and simple helps cultivate a professional feel.

By Madison