Catering Logos

A catering logo needs to accomplish a few goals. The logo must showcase professionalism (after all, your potential client is trusting you to feed her hungry guests on an important business or personal day). The logo must stand out among a large amount of catering companies. And the logo must clearly portray the type of food you provide. Are you a fancy caterer for black tie events or do you serve festive food geared towards casual events like family reunions? Our designers have made logos for every type of catering company under the sun. Check out their creations below and see what a logo can do for your catering company.

Recent Catering logo designs

Use Food Images

Food images accomplish two goals for your logo. First, they help your viewer know exactly what type of food you specialize in. You may make the best hot dogs in town, but that is of no use to a bride searching for the perfect elegant dinner. There is no need to waste your time attracting people who aren't interested in your niche anyway. You can use a food image to immediately weed out people outside your target demographic since they will take one look at your logo and move on. Second, they help get people hungry and wanting your service. Showcase the scrumptious dinner platter or a bursting juicy burger to help your company remain imprinted on their memory, making it more likely they will choose you for their event.

Be Bold in Your Color Choice

If someone is hiring a caterer, that means they are hosting an event they want to remember! It can be a ceremony, like a wedding. It can be a family tradition, like a reunion. It can be an end of the year party thrown for the company's loyal workers. Whatever the event, the purpose is to give people a good time. No one wants a boring event, just like no event planner wants boring mediocre food. Your product is at a high level. Reflect that in your logo design. Use bold color choices to showcase the fun and excitement your company brings with its memorable food choices. Bright colors like red, orange, and blue catch the viewer's eye. You can even use a black background to really make your colors pop.

By Madison