Coffee Shop Logos

The coffee shop culture is thriving. People of all ages love coming into a coffee shop for its soothing atmosphere, from the stressed out college student to the pressed for time business professional. Coffee shops are a catch-all for social events, from hosting job interviews in a more casual setting to meeting up with old friends visiting town. Your coffee shop works hard to cultivate an inviting atmosphere. Use your logo to entice visitors to step inside your coffee joint. Our designers have made hundreds of designs for coffee shops around the country, check out their work below.

Recent Coffee Shop logo designs

Use Warm Colors

One of the biggest draws of a coffee shop is its warm atmosphere. The dark wood hues, calming paintings, the crackling of the fireplace, the sultry jazz playing over the speakers, the soft comfortable couches all come together to create a place that exudes relaxation. Warm colors help to reflect the relaxing atmosphere of your coffee shop, which is why many shops choose dark reds and greens for their design. You can even use dark earthy tones, like brown, to subtly represent the natural earth friendly nature of your products.

Use Words and Symbols Relating to Coffee

Your logo should showcase to viewers at a glance what you sell. You want them to immediately associate your company with coffee. Use the word coffee in your logo to instantly make this connection, or use symbols associated with coffee to make this connection more subtle. Easily recognizable symbols include coffee beans and coffee mugs. Place these near your company's name to make the relationship even clearer. The logo will be shown on the door of the coffee shop, the attire of your employees, even products like coffee mugs. Make sure the symbols can be easily seen on all of these different formats. Keep the images simple and large enough that people can easily tell what they are.

By Madison