Crossfit Logos

Crossfit is a highly popular exercise regimen, which means Crossfit businesses will encounter a large amount of competition. Crossfit customers are die-hard workout fans who are highly loyal. If you can attract a new customer to visit your business, you will likely gain a new customer for life. A remarkable logo is a great asset in your marketing strategy. A good logo instantly conveys to your viewer that your business means business and is able to train them effectively. Our designers have created hundreds of Crossfit logos that brand the organizations well while working to attract customers, making them a great tool in the company's branding efforts.

Recent Crossfit logo designs

Use Power Colors

Crossfit is all about power. People work to build up their strength. They tap into their inner power to push themselves farther than they thought they could ever go. Weakness is not accepted in a Crossfit gym. Your business works to build up your customer's power. Reflect that commitment to strength with power colors. Power colors of red, blue, and black are called that for a reason. They visually convey strength and magnitude, which is why they make a great choice for your logo color scheme. Use power colors for your company name to clearly connect your business to strength.

Use Texture in Your Text

When people think of the gym, they often imagine the equipment. The slightly bumpy black of the weight plates. The sleek shine of the bar. The glisten of the mirror. Appeal to these elements when designing your text. You can use textured colors to mimic these characteristics, helping to establish the gym atmosphere in your logo. Create a metallic text modeled after the metallic bar, for example, to make the name of your business in your logo pop. This also helps your business stand out compared to other logos that lack this textured design.

By Madison