DJ Logos

As a DJ, you are in the business of providing a good time. You cultivate and create a unique entertainment experience, bringing the life of the party to events from weddings to end of the year corporate parties. Branding your DJ business effectively is crucial to making a name for yourself. The entertainment industry thrives on unique personalities setting themselves apart from the hundreds of others hoping to make it big. You can brand yourself with your DJ name and a corresponding logo. Logos can be used on everything from your business cards to a t-shirt, which is why a versatile logo is important. Our designers have made logos for several DJS. You can check out their work below and gain tips on branding your DJ business.

Recent DJ logo designs

Focus on a Simple Design

DJ logos work best when they are simple. The logo will need to be easily read on everything from small business cards to t-shirt fabric. A more simple logo allows you to easily print it on a variety of branding materials. A simple logo also reflects your professionalism. A timeless, modern logo tells your viewer that you are here to stay. You are not some bored adult hoping for your big break. You are a professional dedicated to providing quality service and a memorable event. A simple logo does not mean boring though! You can still use quirky fonts and eye-catching symbols without letting your logo be overrun with too much detail.

Use Power Colors

Power colors are just that: colors designed to showcase the authority or power of an individual. Red, blue, and black are common power colors. These are often used in business attire because they showcase class and professionalism. You can use these colors in your logo to subtly suggest that your DJ company is an authority in the music world. These colors are striking, especially when blue or red is set against a black background. You can make the background of your design black and put your DJ name in a color to really make your logo pop.

By Madison