Dance Logos

A captivating logo can be just what your dance studio or class needs to grab the attention of potential customers. A logo can tell viewers a lot about your company. What type of dance do you offer? Is the studio atmosphere fun and sassy, or serious and competitive? Does it cater to young children, older folks, or everyone in between? Using visual elements, a logo can provide a snapshot of your dance business. Our designers have created hundreds of logos for entrepreneurs in the dance industry, from dance teachers to dance studio owners. Check out their designs to see how impactful a well-designed logo can be.

Recent Dance logo designs

Show Dancers in Action

Many dance logos use silhouettes of dancers for good reason. It instantly showcases the style of dance offered at your business. A dance center catering to couples can show a duo ballroom dancing behind their company name. A studio training up and coming ballerinas can include an image of one starlet dancer striking a perfect post. The movement of the dancer, as well as the style of clothing, can indicate your dance style specialization. The dancer also adds movement to the design, as the viewers' eye tends to follow their outstretched arms or pointed toe. You can angle the dancer in a way that their motion draws the viewer's eye to your company's name.

Use Bold Colors

Good dancing is about passion. No one wants to watch a passive, detached dancer. No dancer wants to simply go through the motions in an apathetic way. Your company is inspiring passionate dancing, which can be reflected in your color choices. Vibrant colors like red and black symbolize passion and emotion. Eye-popping colors like teal and hot pink add some vivacity to the image. Bright colors can be a way you emphasize your business' commitment to inspiring passionate dancing, making them a great choice for your logo design.

By Madison