Education Logos

Need an education logo? Schools and education services need a logo just like any other business. Education is a highly revered industry and a logo must showcase your organization's competence and commitment to equipping minds. The logo must also set your organization apart from your competition. Our designers have created hundreds of education logos for many organizations, from a small tutoring service to a well-established private education institution.

Recent Education logo designs

Use Vibrant Colors to Make the Design Pop

Education logos need to capture the eye of people searching through lists of education services. Parents picking out a school for their child may visit dozens of sites. An avid learner looking to acquire a new skill may examine multiple businesses. Make sure your logo stands out from the crowd and is remembered by your potential customer by using eye-catching colors. Bright hues of blues, greens, and oranges can be a great alternative to the traditionally used black and red color schemes of education logos.

Use Symbols and Taglines to Showcase Your Specialty

With one glance, the viewer should be able to identify your niche. Use a paintbrush to show you are an art school. Add a tagline saying you are a language academy. Include an image of a smiling toddler to indicate the age range you serve. A potential customer should not have to guess at what you do. The logo should quickly show the focus of your industry using a strategic image and/or phrase.

By Madison