Fishing Logos

Ready to brand your fishing business with a new logo? From the smallest bait shop to a national chain, every fishing business can use a logo. It helps identify your company among the sea of competitors. If your company logo captures the eye of a fisherman and they choose to stop into your business and buy a product, you can win a regular customer for life. A logo reels in your potential customers and your quality products get them hooked. Our designers have made hundreds of fishing logos for several types of business in the fishing industry. They can make a great one for you too!

Recent Fishing logo designs

Use Blue as a Dominant Color in Your Design

Blue is a "cool" color, evoking feels of calm and relaxation in the viewer's mind. These feelings are what you hope your customer experiences using your fishing products out on the open lake, making it a great addition to your company logo. As the color of water, blue also helps connect your organization to your industry. You can implement blue into any symbols or text in your design, even using different hues of blue to add variety to your design. Supporting colors of black and gray can help the design pop.

Add Motion to Your Design

A great fishing outing involves a lot of activity, from reeling in multiple fishes to wrestling with a monster catch pulling on the rod. Add motion to your design to subtly suggest buyers of your products are in for a busy fishing day. You can use symbols like a fish in motion, with a curved body or angled fins to suggest it's swimming away, or a rod with its line cast. These active symbols help add motion to your design as the viewer's eye naturally follows their movement. You can also use curved or sloping text to mimic the movement of the water's waves to add more motion to the image.

By Madison