Hunting Logos

Hunting is a sport that pursues the thrill of the chase. Hunters crouch down, waiting for the adrenaline rush of spotting a target and matching their wits against nature. Good hunters know the quality of their gear can make all the difference between a bullseye and coming home empty handed. Establish your hunting business as top notch with a solid logo. Our designers have created several hunting logos for outfitters and goods suppliers. Each one uniquely branded the organization while establishing its expertise.

Recent Hunting logo designs

Unique Fonts Make Your Design Stand Out

With the high number of hunting businesses out there, it is important to make yours stand out. One simple way to catch your viewer's eye is to use a non-traditional logo. Depart from normal block letters and use something with texture, such as a font that appears to be scratched out into the bark of a tree or written in the dirt. Or you can use a silvery metallic font, as if it was made from the material of your bullets. You can also playfully incorporate thematic elements of your design into your font, such as grass covering the bottom of the letters or an arrow piercing through the center. These unique font choices help establish your business as a rugged outdoor lover's dream company.

Include Iconic Hunting Symbols

You need to visually tie your company clearly to its product. This is especially important if your business does not include words like hunting or shooting in its name. Viewers should be able to glance at your logo and instantly identify your company as working in the hunting industry. You can use symbols to make this connection. Common hunting symbols like a bullseye, a shotgun or bow and arrow, or the type of prey can be a good choice. Adding a hunter in pursuit of his or her prey is a solid choice, since it adds elements of action to your image.

By Madison