Ice Cream Logos

Looking for a logo design for your ice cream shop? An eye-catching logo can be a great marketing tool for your business. Your logo can capture the attention of pedestrians walking by your shop on a hot summer's day, bringing them into your store and turning them into paying customers. Showcase the spirit of your brand with your logo, whether it is a quirky shop full of unique flavors or a darling shop where people can idle over an invigorating conversation. Our designers have created logos for several ice cream shops. You can take a look below and see some tips on making a good ice cream shop logo.

Recent Ice Cream logo designs

Use a Playful Font

Ice cream is all about enjoyment - savoring the rich flavor of the ice cream and munching slowly on the cone while walking in a park or enjoying people watching on the shop's street corner. The brand of an ice cream shop is no different. Entertainment and fun are the names of the game. Your ice cream shop works to cultivate a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. You can reflect this in your font choice. Focus on playful, quirky fonts that showcase the personality of your shop. You can focus on sans serif fonts (ones without the "serifs" or the little lines extending out on the letters), choosing fonts with rounded letters appearing to be handwritten. Serif fonts tend to be more traditional and professional (which is one reason why resumes and newspapers use them), so go on the other end of the spectrum with sans serif fonts to help your ice cream shop be more personable.

Use Ice Cream Symbols

When you see an image of an ice cream cone, you tend to suddenly really want an ice cream cone. It's the power of suggestion (which helps make food advertising so effective). Consider placing an ice cream cone image into your logo design. Seeing the smooth ice cream and the crunchy cone can help make a viewer start to want an ice cream cone. With one glance at your logo, they may be sold and come in for a scoop. Using ice cream symbols also helps brand your shop as an ice cream shop if the name itself does not make it clear. With the above designs, a viewer would not necessarily equate a company named "The Yum Yum Shop" or "Nectar" with ice cream. By using an image of an ice cream cone, you help people instantly know what you sell.

By Madison