Lawn Care Logos

Nothing makes a house stand out on the block like a thriving lawn with its luscious shrubbery and vibrant green grass. People care about how their home is presented to others, which is why the lawn care industry is able to thrive. As a lawn care professional, you want your company to stand out among the competition. You can use a logo to brand your organization and showcase your company values to prospective customers. Our designers have made several logos for lawn care companies, which you can check out examples of below.

Recent Lawn Care logo designs

Use Symbols to Show the End Result

When people book a lawn care service, they want the end result to be a gorgeous lawn. They envision their lush growing yard free of blemishes or bald spots. You can use your logo to show viewers what they get when they book your services. Images of thriving lawns can be easily worked into your design. You can add an image of a few blades of grass or an entire field. Make these blades a dark green to signify a healthy lawn. Viewers can glance at your logo and instantly see that you deal with lawns and that you make lawns look amazing.

Use a Bold Green

Green is an iconic color in the lawn maintenance field for good reason. Green is the color of a healthy lawn. More broadly, green is a color that symbolizes life and growth. Using green in your design subtly suggests that your company helps ensure your lawn is alive and well. You can make your company's name green or set it against a green backdrop to further this connection between your company and healthy grass. Reminding viewers of alive and growing grass through the color green also reminds them of their need for your lawn cutting services.

By Madison