Music Logos

Music logos help convey a lot about your company to the viewer. One glance can showcase the style of music, from country to rap. The style of the logo can give a reader for the feel of your music, whether it be cutting edge or traditional. The music industry is highly competitive and an amazing logo can help your company stand out. Our designers have created hundreds of music related logos for bands, music supply stores, and others in the music industry. Each logo branded the company and set it apart from its competitors.

Recent Music logo designs

Use a Dark Background to Catch the Viewer's Eye

Some logos in the music industry utilize a dark background with a contrasting font. The black background makes the logo seem dynamic and cutting edge, as a white background is a more common and traditional choice. A black background can instantly set apart your logo from others. It also helps the colors in your logo or text pop, especially if those colors are power colors like red and blue. Contrasting backgrounds can look great on printed materials, such as t-shirts, if your company also sells branded products.

Add Music Related Symbols Around Your Text

Using symbols is a great way to visually tie your company to its industry. Placing a music related symbol next to your company's name helps the viewer immediately identify your company with music. Common symbols you can use include a music note, headphones, a microphone, or an instrument. With creative design, you can intersect your company name and the logo (as the "Kevin Kolk" design did with using the "o" as part of the guitar). Keeping the design simple with the company name and one or two symbols helps avoid the logo from feeling too crowded.

By Madison