Pet Logos

Making your pet business stand out from the crowd can be difficult, but a well-designed pet logo can improve your brand visibility, helping you to win more customers and gain recognition in a crowded marketplace. Our designers have created some fantastic logos for pet related businesses of various sizes and specialties, so why not check out our logo gallery and see if inspiration strikes?

Recent Pet logo designs

Create a trusted brand

People often see their pets as their most treasured possessions and they want to make sure that they are treated well and in safe hands. With this in mind, it’s important that you present yourself as a trustworthy and professional organisation, and your logo can go a long way to conveying this message. Think carefully about the font types, images and colors you use in your branding as these can have a big impact on how people view your organisation.

Highlight your services

Just like pets, pet-related businesses can come in all shapes and sizes, from dog-walking services through to pet grooming, boarding kennels and pet food suppliers. These days people are pressed for time, so make it easy for them to understand what your business offers with a clear logo that quickly and accurately represents your organisation.

By Jodi Cox