Pets Logos

Pets logos can be some of the most creative logos out there. Pets are full of personality and stores selling pets products usually are too! There is not the need for the formality of other industries like accounting firms or education. The more quirky and unique the pet logo, the more a potential customer may take notice or remember your business. The fun and memorable experience of pet ownership can be implemented into a design for a pet related company. Our designers have made logos for hundreds of companies in the pet industry, from a natural pet product supplier to a pet resort. Each design captured the "feel" of the company in a visually striking way.

Recent Pets logo designs

Stand Out With a Colored Background

Pets add a unique flavor to our daily life. They bring warmth and affection and spontaneity and oftentimes a larger than life personality. People bring pets into their homes because they are hoping to shake up their daily life. Pet owners are searching for the different, the fun, the unique, and a brand of a pet related company should provide this as well. Pet owners are convinced their baby is special and look to buy special products for them. Help your company stand out among other pet supply stores with a colored background. This helps reflect that different, fun, unique feel pet owners are searching for. A vibrant purple or blue background may not be well suited for other more formal industries, but it works great in a pet industry. You can use white text or text set against a white banner to make sure your company name is still readable.

Include Animal Images in Your Design

As a company in the pet industry, it is helpful to include a pet or pets in your design. A potential customer who knows nothing about your company can glance at your logo and instantly know you serve animal lovers. If you serve many types of animals (like a veterinary clinic) it can be helpful to showcase your variety with different animal silhouettes. Play up the cuteness factor of your design by including an adorable puppy face next to your company's name. You can even anthropomorphize the animals to highlight your company's understanding that animals are more than just animals, they are unique creatures with almost human-like personalities. The way you design the animals can help further showcase your company's attitude and commitment to pets.

By Madison