Photography Logos

In a highly visual industry like photography, a logo can make or break a customer's opinion of your business. If a photographer cannot make a visually appealing logo, then the customer has no reason to trust them to make visually appealing photographs. Showcase your knowledge of composition and design with a well-crafted logo. Our designers have made photography logos for hundreds of companies, from a hobby photographer to a career photographer. Whatever your level of photography or investment in your business, you can benefit from a great photography logo.

Recent Photography logo designs

Use Power Colors to Establish Professionalism

One problem of the photography industry is it is overflowing with inexperienced amateurs looking to make a quick buck photographing a senior portrait or wedding. As a professional, your work is of a higher quality. You understand the aspects of a good shoot, but a customer does not know you do. You can use power colors like blue, red, and black to evoke feelings of professionalism and quality of your brand. Use these colors in a crisp block font and set against a striking dark background to really push the professional branding.

Use Visuals to Identify Your Specialty

If you specialize in a certain type of photography, you will want to establish this in your logo. A professional portrait photographer can add a silhouette of a person or a face to the logo. A wedding photographer's logo can include a wedding veil or cake. A travel photographer can include a scenic tropical scene in the camera lens (as done in the Corona photography logo). Using visuals helps your viewer instantly associate your company with your given style of photography, helping them decide whether you are a right fit for what they want. It also helps showcase you are passionate about the style of photography, setting you apart from other generic photography companies.

By Madison