Podcast Logos

The podcast industry is all about audio, but that does not mean you do not need a stellar logo! A logo is often the first impression of your podcast. People are scrolling through the list of podcasts on their phones or computers. If your logo catches their eye, they can be influenced to read the show description and subscribe. Engaging logos are a great way to attract new listeners and distinguish yourself from your competition. Our designers have created hundreds of logos for podcast hosters, which you can check out below.

Recent Podcast logo designs

Keep it Simple

With a podcast logo, you want to be sure the design is simple. Many people will be viewing it as a small thumbnail on their phone. A beautiful intricate design just looks jumbled and cramped when shrunken down and shown on a handheld screen. You want to make sure the name of the podcast is clearly visible and easy to read. You can include the icon of your show if you have one or some simple symbols. A pair of headphones, a mic, or other symbol representing a podcast can add visual interest without taking up too much space.

Use Bold Colors

No one wants to listen to a boring podcast. Make sure your logo is as exciting as your podcast is. You can use striking bold colors to symbolize the boldness and excitement of your show. Black, red, and blue are power colors that are often used because they also evoke feelings of authority to the viewer. You can make your logo colorful, including a variety of different colors all in the same color scheme. The collection of colors can attract the attention of viewers, making the logo stand out among its less colorful competition.

By Madison