Travel Logos

The travel industry is built upon dreams. Dream vacation spots, dream trips, a dream version of oneself can all entice people to pack up their bags and head to a new location. But these customers have a nearly endless supply of travel organizations to choose from. A travel logo that articulates the customer's dream can catch the eye of a searching traveler. A well-designed travel logo can help draw more customers to your business, helping you find purchasers of your goods and services. Our designers have made hundreds of travel logos for a number of organizations, from tour guide companies to producers of traveler gear. Whatever your company does in the travel industry, a great logo can help you be known in your niche.

Recent Travel logo designs

Evoke Feelings of Adventure with Symbols

Symbols can be a great way to get your customers excited about travel, and excited about buying from your travel organization. An arrow symbolizes movement and progress. A compass symbolizes embarking out into unknown and exploring uncharted territories. A place signifies leaving the familiar and enjoying somewhere new and far away. A camera suggests stunning views you cannot wait to capture on film. Use common symbols related to travel to help inspire related feelings in the viewer, helping them associate your organization with these grand feelings of travel.

Showcase Your Location

If your travel business is related to a location, like a tour company, you can integrate elements of that location into your logo. This helps establish that your company does not sell general travel products and services, but rather is an expert on a given location. This branding can make your company more appealing than a comparable organization that does not integrate the location into their symbol with pride. You can use identifying landmarks, wildlife, or nature scenes of the location into your logo. Placing it close to your company name helps further tie your business to the location you work in, establishing it as an enticing option for the curious traveler.

By Madison