Vacation Rental Logos

Hosting a vacation rental company requires a unique approach to marketing. You need to attract customers knowing that few of them will ever become repeat customers. People on vacation can be hard to please, bringing with them unrealistic expectations and easily allowing elements outside of your control (like the weather) to affect their opinion of your service. You need to capture the attention of potential customers while clearly showcasing how your vacation rental service stands out among the rest, offering an unforgettable experience unlike no other. Our designers have created hundreds of designs for vacation rental companies, helping them brand their company and better market themselves.

Recent Vacation Rental logo designs

Use Visual Elements From Your Location

If your vacation rental offers a gorgeous ocean view, include an ocean scene into your image. If your vacation rental is in wine country, add in a wine glass or wine grapes near your company name. You can use symbols of the location (such as common wildlife to the area, an iconic tourist attraction, or a natural landmark) to easily display to your viewer what they can see when they come stay with you. Showcasing pride in your local area by including iconic symbols helps you stand apart from your competition that uses more generic logos. Since a big part of a vacation rental's appeal is the view, you can also choose to make a scenic vista the center point of your design. Set your company name under it to help avoid the text getting lost in the image.

Design with Your Target Audience in Mind

Think about the types of clientele you wish to attract. If you want to bring in families, focus on bright bold colors and text in a more clip art style. This will catch the eye of the parents as well as the younger children. You can include more symbols, images, and quirky fonts to create a playful atmosphere to the logo. If you are appealing to those in a higher financial demographic, focus on integrating sophistication into your design. You can use bold colors like a silvery metallic text set against a black background to make a striking image. Focus on a more modernistic approach, keeping the images to a minimum and the font bold.

By Madison