Yoga Logos

Looking for a yoga logo design? A great yoga logo design can help brand your organization and reflect the atmosphere of your classes or studio. A yoga class takes on the personality of the instructor and you can express your personality with your logo. A playful quirky feel, a relaxing meditative feel, a holistic natural feel, there are countless atmospheres you can cultivate within your class. Using different elements of design, you can bring forth these feels into your design. Our designers have made hundreds of designs for yoga studios and classes to capture the unique spin the host brings.

Recent Yoga logo designs

Add Curves Into Your Design

Yoga is all about the flow of movement as you transition between poses and the flow of your breath as you hold the poses. You can reflect this natural rhythm within your design by integrated smooth flowing lines and shapes. A mandala or lotus petal flower is a great symbol to use, as it is easily identified with yoga and incorporates several curved lines in its design. Besides curved symbols, you can use fonts with a curved text swirling about in a light cursive. You can also use a sweeping curved line as a backdrop to your design in a subtle color to unify the text and symbols into one cohesive piece. Using curves will add an element of movement to your design, making it visually appealing to your viewer.

Use Primarily Soft Colors

Yoga is a meditative and relaxed exercise. It is not an easy one by any means, but it does involve a different feel than a high-intensity workout. The nature of yoga is reflected well with soft colors in the design. Light pinks and purples can fit well in a logo for a studio that caters primarily or exclusively to women. Light blues and greens appeal to the natural aspect of yoga, as these colors dominate nature. Colors that are too harsh or bright can be in contrast to the type of atmosphere you cultivate in your yoga studio or class, so sticking to pastel and other light colors is a good route to take.

By Madison